The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine is the leading research centre in the UK for research in both clinical medicine and clinical veterinary medicine. Although one of the oldest centres for medical and veterinary research in the UK, it is also one of the most dynamic and progressive, now offering 20 flexible online distance learning programmes for graduates from a variety of backgrounds, from biological sciences and medicine, to veterinary medicine and zoology. Our online Masters, Diplomas and Certificates are flexible enough to allow you to balance study with professional and personal commitments, and students become part of a virtual community of tutors and students from around the world, where information is shared through interactive virtual learning environments. Dedicated support is available throughout your studies from our elearning technologists.

For those studying on campus for a Masters or PhD, interdisciplinary research is at the heart of the College's philosophy. Whether working at one of our two major human medical campuses or at our veterinary campus at Easter Bush, students benefit from our 'lab bench to bedside' approach, whereby patients are seen in the same location as the fundamental research that's taking place. Our researchers fully embrace the College's 'one medicine' ethos, translating research into patient benefit, whether it's for humans or animals.

On campus, our facilities include:

• a Medical School, adjacent to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

• the Queen's Medical Research Institute, which houses three world class medical research centres and over 600 researchers

• the Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine, with around 500 medical researchers

• Edinburgh Neuroscience, one of the largest neuroscience groupings in the world

• recently refurbished pre-clinical research centres on the central campus

• The Roslin Institute, which shares a new campus with the Royal(Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

• state-of the-art imaging technologies

• a new Centre for Regenerative Medicine building

• Edinburgh BioQuarter, a major medical research commercialisation initiative


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